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Details of the itinerary

Along the canal du Nivernais

••• for lovers of unspoiled landscapes { 175 km }

Between Nièvre and Yonne, this route follows the canal du Nivernais through the fertile farmlands of the Bazois region, along the Morvan massif, slips into the Vaux d’Yonne and ends at the beautiful slopes of Auxerrois. A cycle route through natural beauty and the world of canals. Explore depending on your affinities and interests. The course has been divided into several sections: Escale Confluence (29 km), Nature Escale (2 x 30 km), Escale Floating Wood (45 km), Villages Escale (17 km) and Escale Vineyard (35 km).

Routes starting from the banks of the canal du Nivernais

Routes starting from the banks of the canal du Nivernais offer the opportunity of beautiful getaways to the Nièvre and Yonne regions of Burgundy:
- Boucle de Champs-sur-Yonne > Saint-Bris-le-Vineux (12,6 km)
- Vincelottes > Cravant (11,3 km) starting from Vincelles
- Mailly-le-Château > Arcy-sur-Cure (12,9 km)
- Boucle de Merry-sur-Yonne (11,6 km)
- Château de Faulin > Pousseaux (12,7 km) starting from Lichères-sur-Yonne
- Chevroches > Dornecy (10,2 km)
- Marigny-sur-Yonne > la Chaise (10,9 km)
- Boucle des Etangs de Baye et de Vaux (5 km) starting from Baye
- Boucle de Châtillon-en-Bazois (10 km)
- Champvert > La Machine (12 km)


This canal has its own website

which contains a full range of detailed information. The ‘‘Guide d’accueil touristique du canal du Nivernais’’ (FR) is available on there as well as the Michelin Guide ‘‘Le canal du Nivernais à vélo’’ (FR).


New shuttle service on the Nivernais Canal route

Minibuses with bike trailers regularly make the Auxerre / Decize return journey to allow tourists on bikes to get back to their starting point.
The service is free for people who’ve rented their bikes at certain rental shops.
Find out all the useful information on the Nivernais Canal shuttle website.

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