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On the way...

Visit Chalon-sur-Saône... and explore Egypt!
Chalon is above all the home town of Nicéphore Niepce (1765-1833), the man who invented photography. The museum named after him has been housed since 1972 in a former 18C town house. A less well-known native son, Dominique Vivant Denon (born in Givry in 1747), also has a museum devoted to him. In addition to numerous archaeological exhibits, the visitor can admire the marvellous drawings made by the “first modern museologist” as a member of the team of scientists accompanying Napoleon to Egypt.

Enjoy the wine – and take the water – at Santenay!
The salty mineral water adds to the attractions of this bustling little town which also boasts a casino in the middle of the vineyards! Attractions include the 13C church of Saint-de-Narosse, the Château of Philippe le Hardi and the windmill, nearby Mont de Sène culminating at an altitude of 521 m and the Canal du Centre. Santenay is also well-known for its casino and slot machines.

Footloose in the Maranges.
The Maranges country awaits you at the southernmost tip of the Côte de Beaune: a string of authentic wine villages like Dezize-les-Maranges clinging to the hillside, and remarkable, powerful and highly coloured red wines with distinctive aromas of soft fruit and the undergrowth. And don't forget the village of Bouzeron and its famous aligoté white wines.

Immerse yourself in a spiritual atmosphere
The famous basilica and shrine of Paray-le-Monial is a jewel of Cluniac architecture.

Get to know the river Loire.
The Loire is unique, with a life, fauna, flora, history and culture of its own. Explore all these features at the Observa-Loire, an interactive museographic centre in Digoin. Or follow the nature trail at Le Petit Fleury (between Saint-Aubin-sur-Loire and Bourbon-Lancy). In the space of two hours, you will learn a lot about the natural environment of the river bank, one of the islands on the Loire and its alluvial forest.

Take the waters at Bourbon-Lancy.
This historical health resort (handsome early 20C villas in the spa district) makes a refreshing break. In addition to its curative virtues, hydrotherapy helps you get away from your daily routine and to take stock of your health. So why not “get back to form” between two stages of your itinerary? Treat yourself to a course of treatment at the spa or to hydrotherapy or fitness sessions at the brand new CeltÔ centre. A wide choice of formulas is available.

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