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Details of the itinerary

The ‘‘Voie bleue’’

••• For lovers of the river Saône { 180 km }

This route runs alongside the Saône, from Lyon to Haute-Saône (Franche-Comté), and crosses Burgundy from the North to the South, among meadows and rivers, treating cyclists to some superb cultures and food along the way in the towns on the banks of the Saône, from Mâcon to Talmay.
This trail follows part of the EuroVelo 6 route
2 sections are already in place, before and after Chalon-sur-Saône, between Macon and Tournus and between Crissey and Talmay.

Details of the sections of the Blue Route

Véloroute Vaux-sur-Crône > Lamarche-sur-Saône (15 km)

This itinerary aims to provide a link between the Dijon urban area and the River Saône. Setting out from the small hamlet of Vaux-sur-Crône, located in the commune of Remilly-sur-Tille, this fifteen kilometre greenway route will lead you into the heart of the forest of Longchamp. It is perfect for a ride with the family in the shade of the trees and really wonderful in the summertime…


Alternating between small, paved loops that are very lightly used and trips into the forest on flat tracks.

Slightly hilly route between Tellecey and the Saône.

Blue Route Talmay > Auxonne

This sign-posted cycling route along the River Saône includes a greenway route section between Heuilley-sur-Saône and Lamarche-sur-Saône. It provides a few detours to explore rural heritage along a quiet route that passes through the villages of Vielverge, Soissons-sur-Nacey and Flammerans. A beautiful arrival at the river port of Auxonne, and ancient fortified square.


An entirely sign-posted cycling route (Blue Route), alternating between dedicated cycle paths and shared roads along the River Saône, on the right and the left bank.

The route is fully paved for the most part, except for a small section of ancient cobblestones.


Connections with the Canal Greenway Route between Champagne and Burgundy at Heuilley-sur-Saône and the Dijon Cycling Route – the Saône to Lamarche-sur-Saône.

Blue Route Auxonne > Seurre

After a detour along some small, quiet roads in the Burgundy countryside, the Blue Route re-joins the EuroVelo 6 along the Canal du Rhône au Rhin after Samerey. The arrival on the left bank in the vicinity of St-Jean-de-Losne provides a magnificent view of this riverside town. This is an unmissable stop for cyclists along the route!


Alternates between very quiet roads and dedicated cycle paths on the left bank of the River Saône up until Pagny-le-Château, where cyclists cross the floodway canal to reach Pagny-la-ville and Lechâtelet (former fishing villages) on the banks of the "Old Saône", and then on to Seurre along small roads.


Possible via the Cistercian abbey of Cîteaux.

Blue Route Seurre > Chalon-sur-Saône

A pleasant and wild cycling route that runs from the River Saône to the River Doubs, between Seurre and Verdun-sur-le -Doubs, where the water’s meet again. Cyclists simply must enjoy a stop at this charming little town in order to visit the island park at the château. After crossing the river, the Blue Route presents visitors with the extremely picturesque landscapes of the banks of the Saône.


From Allerey-sur-Saône almost until Crissey, a dedicated cycling path runs along the right bank of the River Saône. Paved path in excellent condition.

At Crissey, riders re-join the main road (RD58) in order to enter Chalon-sur-Saône after having crossed the Canal du Centre. Be careful of the traffic for 800m (there are no facilities for cyclists until the next roundabout).

We advise cyclists to head for the town centre via the quays of the River Saône by following Av. Kennedy, then Av.P. Nugues and Bourgogne.


Round-trip circuits starting from the ‘‘Voie bleue’’

To go even further there are another three routes:
- Voie verte du canal between Champagne et Bourgogne : Blagny-sur-Vingeanne > Maxilly-sur-Saône
- Vaux-sur-Crosne > Lamarche-sur-Saône
- La porte Bressane : Saint-Marcel > Louhans

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