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Details of the itinerary

The ‘‘Grande Traversée du Morvan à VTT’’ (GTM)

••• For thrill-seekers { 330 km }

Recognised by the French Cycling Federation, the ‘‘Morvan Park mountain biking site’’ is today the largest in France. The ‘‘GTM, Grande Traversée du Morvan (Great Crossing of the Morvan)’’ route links the towns of Avallon (Yonne) to Autun (Saône-et-Loire) via Saulieu (Côte-d’Or). 330 km of fun and gradients cutting through quaint Morvan villages, climbing the Morvan mountain, skirting around the Great Lakes, and discovering the treasures of Burgundy such as Uchon and Mont-Beuvray… Along the route: 7 wash stations and partnered accommodation sites, ‘‘GTM’’ approved, having signed a special charter welcoming cyclists. An activity network: ‘‘Les Bikers du Morvan’’ offer mountain biking trips open to all, from November to March. Exploring and friendliness are the keywords of these outings. The routes do not exceed 30 km and are not blazed.

The ‘‘Grande Traversée du Morvan’’ guide is available from bookstores, published by VTopo.

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